The Volvo’s last family trip after the engine seized and ten years after a failed repossession (Photo by author)

A 2002 message of mine to a congregation in upstate NY:

Good Morning,

For most of my life I’ve been associated with Christianity and Lutheran churches in one form or another. Yet, my personal pathway of faith has not been one of gradual education and revelation. Sometimes I’ve been struck by a realization that suddenly springs to full consciousness. Those moments are hard to see coming. I’m here this morning to tell you of one of those recent moments.

For myself and seconding Mark’s comments, our team’s time at the Willow Creek Prevailing Church Conference was one of those watershed moments. A realization, and maybe a slight fear, that after all…

Very true and I think your observation speaks of a deeper truth. We look to record and index our experiences and sometimes that inclination blinds us to the reality we can never really go home again.

Everything changes and every time I've returned to a place I wonder whether my memories had been correct, even at the time I formed them. I think sometimes it's like the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, where the act of observing changes what you're viewing, making what is measured and what is, uncertain.

Apropos of your essay I was reminded of Farley Mowat's 1963 autobiographical book…

Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

I didn’t want to take the LL back to the Port Authority after midnight so I called a cab to get back to Manhattan.

My ride was a typical Checker cab with cracked leather seats which smelled of various biological fluids and a rear floor carpet matted down with so many spills it might as well have been leather.

The cabby was a quiet guy, but started to get some radio messages from dispatch informing him of a personal call they were passing along.

“Do you mind if I stop?”, he asked half pivoting is head.

“Nah, that’s ok”. We…

Ah, dreams, and our lives, and looking for home.

Two quotes for the day addressing all three and your piece (I like all of them):

“It is only with the heart, that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye” (The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

“I wondered, "Why have I been chasing happiness my whole life when bliss was here the entire time?” (Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert)

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Middle Island (Photo by author)

“Morning, Pastor”, I offered to the church pastor exiting the 11:00 morning services at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Middle Island.

Pastor Paul responded “Good Morning” accompanied by his usual broad smile. He added, "You know, I’ve seen you for the last couple of weeks and thought it would be nice to find out who you are. Thought maybe we could have a cup of coffee if you have the time.”

“Sure, I’ve got the time”.

“Great, that’s great. I’ll meet you downstairs at the coffee hour.” (author’s note: everything Garrison Keillor tells about Lutherans and coffee is pretty much true).

“If local interest is strong, the NRC may hold public meetings in the vicinity of a proposed facility.“

Old business card, old Shoreham plant staff badge and a big root ball exposed by the winds of Hurricane Gloria (Photo by author)

Hurricane Gloria made landfall somewhere on Long Beach (western part of Nassau County) during the morning of September 27, 1985 as a Category 3 storm. It exited LI somewhere around Port Jefferson as it rapidly weakened to a Category 1 storm.

Even though Janet and our daughter Rachel (who was less than a year old) were stuck in a fragile rental house with taped windows, I went to Shoreham that day at the request of the plant manager who (I guess) wanted…

My roommate in school (longggg time ago, LOL) had this thing for our neighbor across the corridor from us in our dorm. He was nuts about "Pam" (pretty blonde gal (still remember her page boy hair cut) with a very upbeat engaging personality, but not "ready" for anything serious from my perspective).

Long story short, they had a night out with one of Keith's buds from upstate NY and after the friend left, they crashed together in Pam's room where they played at "the beast with two backs". Keith, I think, was thrilled after a very tough year (we had…

On advertising claiming “If it hurts, we can help” and motorcycles, on which you can get hurt but which may help more than the advertising.

Kawaski KZ750, circa 1982 (Photo by author)

Grief and depression is like a vampire. Your eyes are first drawn to it and then it goes to work draining you of life. In most stories I’ve read or watched the victim doesn’t seem to spend a lot of effort avoiding the fangs and limply pushes away or, maybe, sometimes just embraces it and shortly afterward they bleed out and die. It’s depressing just watching it.

Sigh. I hate being a victim. Even more…

Nuclear power plants, fire-fighter training and things catching fire when you’re inside them.

Shoreham Nuclear Power Station primary containment airlock circa 1981 (photo by author)

Nuclear power plants are big, complicated things. The Shoreham Nuclear Power Station (SNPS) was a particularly big, complicated thing (820 megawatts of electricity production power in a 525 megawatt power box; design consultants would be measuring for rerouting upgraded piping as the old piping was being installed). Personnel access and adequate space for preventative maintenance was a challenge. The threats of fire in such an environment (which included a substantial radioactive fuel and waste inventory) was recognized early on and it was decided to form a fire…

What remains after the fire is always different then what was there before the fire

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

As far as I can tell, there are two types of afterglows following a fire. The first is associated with the decaying embers of a fire lit in a structure designed to contain the fire’s heat and beauty. The second, as seen in the decaying embers of a wildfire, are simply what is left after a fire has consumed everything which can be burnt. …

Ed Musto

Risk manager and quality assurance guy out on the left coast. As the man said, “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).”

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